A church-centered movement for the long-term transformation of the city and the nations.

Why Church-Centered?
Because the church is the primary vehicle in God’s redemptive plan. At the heart of the Lima Initiative is a strategic church-planting effort responding to the rapid urbanization of Latin America.

Why the City?
The world grows increasingly urban; more people live in cities than ever before. A UN report predicts that by 2050, 9 out of 10 in Latin America will live in cities. Cities are centers of influence, global connecting points–strategic for the gospel to spread to every sector of society.

Why Lima?
At 9 million, Lima is the fourth most populous in South America. It boasts one of the world’s fastest growing economies while 60% of its population live in shanty towns. Lima is an important nexus and a launching point for an urban church strategy.

Core Components of Lima Initiative Model Churches

  • Resource Center to train pastors for church-based leadership development and igniting church-planting movements
  • Ministry Training Center for equipping international missionaries dedicated to the growth of God’s global church
  • Discipling Communities through church-based theological education (CBTE) and leadership training
  • Fellows Program to train and mentor professionals for the integration of faith and vocation rooted in the local church
  • Welfare of the City mobilizing God’s people to respond to the brokenness of the urban context with God’s shalom

Lima Initiative brochure